We are Green

Foxglove Cottages

Be inspired by Scotlandís Larder of Food and Drink


Scottish water quality is excellent and safe to drink (http://www.scottishwater.co.uk/ ) so there is no need to buy/use bottled water during your stay at Foxglove (thereby saving money and the planet from pollution and resources, making plastic, printing labels, fuels, transportation etc.) Your water supply at Foxglove is from a public mains supply.

Scottish Food

Scotland is blessed with many wonderful quality food resources that are recognised as luxury products, exported world wide, from Aberdeen Angus beef, Loch Fyne fish, Cheeses, Game, Venison etc.

Scottish fish and shellfish

Scottish fish and shellfish are the envy of Europe, with a vast array of different types of fish, prawns, lobster, mussels, oysters, crab and scallops found round the extensive Scottish coastline. Look out for Loch Fyne smoked or fresh salmon, scallops etc. While staying at Foxglove you may have a .trip to the original Loch Fyne Fish Restaurant

Cheese, eggs and dairy

Look out for a wonderful range of cheese and dairy products available across Scotland, from the popular Isle of Mull farmhouse chedder, to Scottish Dolcelatte and delicious ice cream, of all flavours. You might see our pet hens wandering around. They are very free range. 

Game and Venison

Pheasant, grouse, venison can be found on restaurant menus or bought from a number of outlets. Rich comfort food. Wild deer regularly visit Foxglove gardens foraging for food.


Scotland is famous for producing some of the best beef, lamb and pork in the world. It's a reputation built on generations of experience in breeding and raising livestock.

Look out for Tarbert Fine Foods (www.brownsfoodgroup.com) cooked meats for a quick delicious easy meal perhaps served with a Scottish baked potato.


Oats and barley have been grown as staple food in Scotland for centuries. Look out for oat cakes, wonderful with Scottish cheese to finish off a meal or as a snack. One of the best ways to start the day is with a hearty bowl of porridge and fresh Scottish milk or cream.

 Barley can be used in soups and stews and is of course central to the creation of both Scotch whisky and ales.

Fruit and Honey

Berries thrive in the cooler Scottish summers where long daylight hours help them to ripen with plenty of flavour. Scotland is also famed for its seasonal honey, with its distinct rich taste of clover or heather. Scottish raspberries are wonderful as a dessert and every year we make enough of our own delicious raspberry jam to last us until the summer comes around again.


With rolling green fields, a temperate climate, the dedication of Scottish farmers and, not to forget, plenty of rain, Scotland's larder is a perfect place for many veggies such as cabbage, sprouts, broccoli, kale, turnips (neeps), potatoes (tatties). Haggis, neeps, tatties make a balanced meal. Look out for Scottish grown tomatoes, lettuce etc.

Whisky and other forms of drink

There are many opportunities to see whisky being made, to try it and to purchase it during your stay at Foxglove. You can even walk to one of the nearby distilleries down a small part of the West Highland Way. Micro breweries are springing up all around the area for you to visit and try their unique produce.

Irn bru (sometimes described as our other national drink) is exported all over the world (loved by ex pats) non alcoholic and therefore suitable for guests of all ages.

Donít forget the white stuff Ė fresh Scottish milk from healthy Scottish cows!