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Foxglove Swallows

Each Year we have Swallows using the same nest
on a drain pipe under
a roof edge . . .

First Nest Awaiting birds' return 4 May 07      First Swallow on Nest 12 May 07   

The Swallows returned earlier in 2008 with their first arrival on the "second" nest being May 1st. As yet the "first" nest awaits occupants.

The swallows only used the first nest for around two weeks in 2008 with the second nest used for longer.

Now in 2009, the first arrival of Swallows was seen on 19 April, flying over the main estate house. About two weeks ago, the First nest was taken over by a different species of small brown birds, yet to be identified. They have used the original nest as a base on to which they have built a grassy top.

First Nest with grassy top

As yet the Swallows have not been seen at either of the nests. It is difficult to film them as they arrive a couple of weeks earlier each year and we do not want to disturb them once here.

In 2006 a second nest was built a few feet away

Second Nest Awaiting the birds' return. This nest was left unused until end of August when there was another hatching of Swallows. They left around the middle of September once old enough to fly.

Press for video of first swallow (4 May) awaiting the others arriving from South Africa a few feet from the nest.

Press for video of swallow in nest(15 May) after others arrived from South Africa.

Press for video of swallow in nest(16 May).  Many swallows are flying around, in and out of the nest.

There is always one swallow in the nest with just the tail showing with another landing on the nest rim every few minutes so they can change places. Unfortunately the light and camera position do not show this clearly. Hopefully it will improve once the young hatch and become large enough to show over the edge to be fed by the parents so we can display this by video. We will improve the light and camera for next year, but feel we cannot disturb the nesting just now.

On July 1st, 2007, the young have become large enough to be seen being fed. The parents are returning every 45/50 seconds with food.


Press for video 59 seconds long of swallows feeding on 1 July 07

 Press for video 10 seconds long of swallows feeding at least three young on 2 July 07

Press for video 15 seconds long of swallows now large enough for heads to show over nest edge being fed on 6 July 2007

During the morning of 15 July the nest appeared to be empty although the young swallows had not been seen getting out of the nest and stretching their wings before flying. However they were seen again later that day with all four sitting up near the nest edge on 16 July. Press for video 60 seconds long of 16 July 2007.

During 16 July 2007 the four young birds were leaving the nest to fly around, sit on a window ledge near to the nest and still get food from the parents. They have not been seen on 17 July 2007 so it appears that they have moved off into the world. Despite this they seem to return to the nest each night to spend the night there moving off again each morning. The swallows moved their nesting location to a boiler house where they fly down the stairs, round a corner, through the door to reach a rear side of a support beam.

Press for Swallow Migration details

A few yards away below a clear roof we have a feeding station that is very busy all day with various tits, robins, chaffinches and wrens. Press for video of 24 June evening.

A new arrival to the feeding station on 23 July was a Woodpecker. We have heard them often in the woods during the 25 years we have been here, but this was our first sighting. Since May 20, this year a Woodpecker has been at the feeding station several times per day with two Peckers on 29th May.

 In April 2009, we get visits from Male and Female Great Spotted Woodpeckers that are quite cautious about coming into the feeding station, but are coming in several times per day.


       Young male in 2007                       Adult female in May 2009                                    Adult Male 17 May 2009                 

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