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Our Environmental Policy     

At Foxglove Cottages we are committed to providing an excellent quality service to our guests while minimising the environmental impact of our activities. Enviably situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty in the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park, the cottages are set within mature parkland of a small beautiful private estate bordered by the world famous West Highland Way and yet only a 10 minute stroll to the village of Drymen.

As a symbol of this commitment we have been awarded gold status by the Green Tourism Business Scheme. By encouraging sustainable practises it ensures the continued enjoyment of the environment for future generations.

A stay at Foxglove Cottages emphasises the amazing world we live in from embracing nature all around in the form of beautiful views, fresh air with lichen growing, magnificent trees helping off set our carbon foot print, hedges and bushes to give food and protection to wild life, pretty flowers giving nectar to bees, peace and quiet, time to think, relax and de - stress, no light pollution (apart from beautiful moon lit night sky) to gaze in amazement as planets and stars from afar twinkle back at us, provoking thoughts of wonder at the magnificence of the universe, and then there is a myriad of creatures to add into the mix, giving joy and entertainment sometimes when we least expect it!

In your spacious comfortable environmentally planned and built five star accommodation will find much information about various areas of Scotland you may wish to visit, explore and enjoy while staying at Foxglove Cottages, activities you may be interested in and information about our commitment to green issues as we act as stewards helping to conserve this small corner of planet earth.

As part of our commitment to the environment we:

·         Provide environmentally friendly, unique purpose designed accommodation that is energy efficient, highly insulated, double glazed, efficient under floor heating, and orientated to capture solar gain natural heat and light.

·         Minimise energy use by providing A rated appliances when possible, plan heating cycles, use energy saving light bulbs etc.

·         Ensure fridges and freezers are set to optimum temperatures and televisions are not left on stand by.

·         Give a fuel allowance built in to guest stay, with a choice if guests wish to exceed it charged at cost price at end of stay. We feel it is morally wrong to offer unlimited use of fuel at no additional cost.

Saving plant earth’s resources by:

·         Re cycle all appropriate waste and providing appropriate collecting areas where guests can leave their waste to assist with this process.

·         Re use materials and articles by mending and repairing as appropriate. If an article is of no more use to us, but could be to others, passing it on to a new home. Re use scrap paper, paper clips, elastic bands etc.

·         Use email to communicate with guests.

·         Using local businesses and give our guests information as to how they can benefit from using local rural businesses, farmers markets and shops and by doing so give back to the local economy.

·         Propagate plants and trees to be planted giving habitat and food to wild life and benefit the environment.

·         Growing herbs, tomatoes, lettuce, chillies and other produce.

·         Use fresh foliage and flowers from our gardens to decorate guest accommodation as available, instead of using flowers with large carbon foot prints that have been flown many miles.

·         Give choice to guests by providing showers as an alternative to baths

·         Provide guests with information about places to walk and cycle, to enable them to leave the car at home – Foxglove Cottages are situated on the West Highland Way and the National Cycle tract.

·         Provide guests with information about the local wildlife that can be seen from their country home – deer, hedgehogs, pheasants, squirrels, rabbits, ladybirds, butterflies, hawks, owls, ducks flying overhead etc.

·         Support natural wild life by:

·         Provide bird and squirrel boxes around the site.

·         Allow uncultivated areas with uncut grass and slowly decomposing wood piles to provide homes and food for wildlife.

·         Change guests towels and bed linen only when guests request a change.

·         Towels are laundered using phosphate free washing powder and laundry balls, in house and hung to dry naturally.

·         Provide Loch Lomond and the National Park Time Tables, train and bus timetables etc. to allow guests to use public transport.

·         During cleaning procedures we use steam cleaners, microfiber clothes, soap and water, water and vinegar for glass etc.

·         Foxglove Cottages provide multi use bottles of liquid soap for guest hand and body washing.

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